Make Sure Your Health Expenses Are Covered

Make Sure Your Health Expenses Are Covered

Consult a medical expense insurance agent in Okemos, MI

If you have a Medicare supplement insurance policy, it may seem like you need to jump through hoops to get your copayments covered. Instead of trying to figure it out by yourself, get expert advice from the medical expense insurance pros at Summit Insurance Agency. Our dedicated team will work hard to make sure your health expenses are covered.

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Stop paying your deductible out of pocket

If you don’t know what’s included in your Medicare plan, you could be overpaying for health expenses. The understanding team at Summit Insurance Agency knows that reading through countless legal documents is no piece of cake. That’s why we offer professional guidance. We help residents of Okemos, MI and the surrounding areas understand their Medicare supplement plans.

We can explain the differences between:

  1. Medicare Part A. This plan covers inpatient hospital care and hospice services.
  2. Medicare Part B. This option covers various medical procedures, like lab tests and physical therapy.
  3. Medicare Part C. Also called Medicare Advantage, this option combines Part A and Part B.
  4. Medicare Part D. This supplemental plan covers the cost of prescription drugs.

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